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Data Protection and Storage

NetAppemcData Storage

As your business expands, storage needs increase. This increase can be a result of increases in email usage, multiple copies of virtual machines and snapshots, digitized documents, and video captures. The issues surrounding the need for more storage capacity can be resolved in several ways. One such way is by augmenting your storage hardware with various storage technologies. NetAssurity can address your increased storage requirements by determining the needs of your business and mapping those needs back to the appropriate storage solutions.

Although your storage requirements are increasing, your storage capacity does not need to increase at the same rate. Let NetAssurity introduce you to the state-of-the-art technology of data deduplication. NetAssurity will analyze the type of content within your storage environment and propose the most appropriate data deduplication solutions. Our highly skilled and certified engineers will implement the solutions in your environment and provide knowledge transfer to your administrators.

Data Protection and StorageData Protection

Data protection is one of the most critical elements of data center management and is often an afterthought in project planning. Thorough data backup and recovery systems are critical. The leading causes of data loss include hardware and system failures, viruses, software corruption, natural disasters, and human error. NetAssurity is equipped to help you develop a protection strategy and implementation plan for your systems, application, and data.