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A solid network design is often an afterthought when implementing a network, whether on a large or small scale. Many times, new applications and technology require network redesign considerations in order to provide better performance for your business applications. In addition, network redesign is fundamental as you virtualize and move your applications to a centralized data center. For example, redesigning a network to leverage centralized data center applications and provide proper performance to remote offices should be a critical part of your infrastructure.

NetAssurity employs highly qualified, industry-experienced, and certified consultants that can analyze and design your network infrastructure to deliver the highest level of performance possible, while maintaining high standards of system availability and security. NetAssurity offers a comprehensive suite of network solutions including:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Wide area network (WAN) engineering and acceleration
  • Firewall, router, and local area network (LAN) switch configuration, deployment and support
  • VPN design and implementation
  • Quality of service (QoS) and voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Wireless mobility management
  • Network management and troubleshooting