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Unified Communications

Unified CommunicationsDesktops, laptops, thin clients, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, multiple voice-mail boxes, text messaging, corporate email, personal email, tweets, social media, clouds, …

We are inundated with an ever increasing deluge of communications options. Does your phone system also ring your cell phone? Does it send your voice-mail to your email? Can you SECURELY access your desktop from your mobile phone or tablet? Does your desktop reside in the cloud?

Communications is meant to bring things closer together. Don’t let it tear you apart.

NetAssurity empowers better collaboration by designing one unified solution for voice, email, messaging, conferencing, and more. The solution will integrate with all mission critical core business applications. A NetAssurity-led unified communications deployment will bring together all elements (and associated individuals) of your business anytime and anywhere, allowing for real time communications and decision making.

Let NetAssurity help you simplify and make the best use of your communication tools.